Welcome to my research website. I am broadly interested in how the physical features of watersheds influence consumer energy budgets, population dynamics, and ecosystem services. I am drawn to this topic because I find it both important and fascinating. Watershed habitat supports fish and wildlife that in turn feed people, drive regional economies, and provide a range of cultural services. To understand how fish and wildlife interact with the diverse physical template of watersheds requires an integration of animal behavior, physiology, and landscape ecology. In my research I work at the nexus of these fields to gain novel insights into how animals interact with their environment and how human activities alter this fundamental relationship.



Much of my current research is focused on coastal watersheds of Alaska, in regions including Bristol Bay, Kodiak Island, and the Copper River Delta. I recently joined the faculty at the Oregon State University Department of Fisheries and Wildlife and I plan to expand my research portfolio to include local projects in the Pacific Northwest.

If you have any question about my work, please feel free to contact me:

jonathan.armstrong at oregonstate dot edu


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